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Take Home A Piece Of Rosé

When opening Rosé, we wanted to provide for our guests what we refer to as a Feast For The Senses. From our lighting, to our music, to the art on the walls, we work hard to focus on every little detail. 

Who better to help us play up our fun, playful, and creative nature than our house artist and dear friend Kevin Glazer.

Glazer, an accomplished artist hailing from our vibrant city of St. Louis, Missouri, has honed his craft in the dynamic realm of street style collage art. With a keen eye for urban aesthetics and a passion for creative expression, Glazer is poised to embark on an exciting journey, pushing the boundaries of his artistic endeavors.

Venturing into the realm of wearable art, he is set to redefine streetwear with his distinctive and compelling designs. This expansion represents not only a new chapter in Glazer's artistic evolution but also a fusion of his unique visual language with the dynamic world of fashion, promising a fresh and innovative perspective in the realm of wearable expression.

It is his pieces, and only his pieces, that adorn our walls and help to create and cultivate our vibe at Rosé. Due to popular demand, he has now made his art available to our guests. The link below will take you to his shop, where every piece he makes for us, is now ready to be taken home by one of you.

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