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Shades of Rose Wine

about us

At Rosé, we are far more than just a wine bar.

While our temperature and pour controlled wine cases hold an impressive 24 wines by the glass, our elite team of bartenders has brought you a craft cocktail list that is good until the very last drop. Featuring a premium rail, they finish every drink with a fresh garnish hand-sorted and selected daily. Enjoy fresh takes on the cold hard classics, and an impressive list of original house creations.

For our menu, we have chosen Marseille, one of the oldest cities in France, to base our concept around. Marseille is, much like our Calabrian based sister restaurant, a small coastal port town. Located in the south of France, the people of Marseille are known to do a lot of heavy fishing and even more serious cooking, with techniques driving back through generations.


If you look closer into our menu you will find dishes influenced by Greek, Italian, Roman, and Creole cultures as well as all kinds of “special guest” elements from all over the world. Marseille has been intertwining different cultures into its cooking and ways of life for centuries and has become arguably one of the most interesting and historical parts of France and French cuisine, and our tribute to this history is no exception.


This special kind of welcome-all, creative by influence, “value-in-trade” type of melting pot is exactly the kind of culture we strive to celebrate in both our cooking and communities. The menu we have created is fun, flexible, delicious, comforting, and, most importantly, executed with the utmost love and attention. 

As life-long members of the St. Louis community, we jump at every chance we get to feed our people and contribute to our city's collective improvement. When we thought about what we had to offer our friends and what our people were looking for, it was a low-key, high-quality, free and fun-feeling space where they could enjoy each other and themselves with no questions asked, eyebrows raised, or second thoughts. 

Welcome to the beginning of many 5-sensical experience at Rosé, where we vow to entertain each of your senses each and every time you join us. 


As always, we are on the lookout for TALENT! Some of our Lafayette locals and sneak peak previewers have been privy to the kind of artistic company we keep already, and we can't wait to keep continuously adding to our address book. 

Great things to come as always, St. Louis! Stay tuned!

Pepe, Peno, And Rosé's Staff

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