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2023 Special Events 


We are officially open for business! Since our opening in March 2023, we have worked hard to become one of our neighbors' favorite hang out places.

Thank you to the Lafayette Square community for embracing us with such open arms, and thank you to all of the friends we have made so far along the way. 

We are looking forward to more exciting collaborations, over-the-top events, and 5 sensical experiences. We are humbled every day, and starstruck every evening by our guests and the love we have recieved.

Peace, Be Well, and stay in touch with our staff to find out what events to start looking forward to! Great things to come, St. Louis! Stay tuned. 


Chef/Owner Pepe Kehm, Executive Chef Anthony Haacke, & The Team at Rosé 


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Let's make a deal Lafayette. You take such good care of us, let us start giving something back. We've noticed it is a little quiet in The Square come Sunday and Monday evenings. Not only are we open for you, we want to sweeten things up a bit by offering what we refer to on the south side as "The Homie Hook-Up". Enjoy 20% of our selection of Rosés, a laid back pizza and salad special to enjoy over a price drop on two of our favorite cocktails of the season. 

And for the industry! Our friends! Our companions! Our partners in crime! Our other biggest team of fans! Things have been tough over the past few years and despite that, we have seen so much talent rounding out our city. Let our team know who you represent when you sit down, and they will be sure to give you the business. Enjoy 20% off of your dinner and first round of drinks, any time, all of the time, and as much as we possibly can. Let's keep the love flowing.

The New Deal

Look out for our girls at this year's Whiskey in the Winter event Saturday, December 6th. We are so excited to be invited to this event, and even more excited to share the cocktail our team has dreamed up to showcase Wilderness Trail Rye Whiskey. It must be cold outside for all of the calls for *hotness* we've received lately. We hope to see you all there, stay tuned as we shake it through the holiday season. 

Whiskey in the Winter

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